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16.07.2012 12:38:12
Captain Ron

With the high temperatures we've been having at Lake of the Ozarks lately, booking a charter cruise to a great cove on the lake is the best way to stay cool.

Lake of the Ozarks charter cruise

Lake of the Ozarks charter cruise

Lake of the Ozarks charter cruise

Lake of the Ozarks charter cruise

Our guests had a great time, stayed cool and enjoyed the lake. Contact us to book your escape from the heat!

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11.08.2011 15:02:37
Captain Ron

A group of women visiting Lake of the Ozarks for four days of golf recently had me pick them up at their condo for an afternoon of fun and relaxation on the water. We cruised to a cove where they enjoyed swimming, snacks, drinks and sun bathing. We then pulled anchor and cruised to a great restaurant for dinner. Another great day and fun on Lake of the Ozarks!

Lake of the Ozarks Captain Ron Ozarks Charters cruise

fun in the sun with Captain Ron Ozarks Charters on Lake of the Ozarks

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11.08.2011 14:52:09
Captain Ron

Party Cove is a popular destination for many visitors to Lake of the Ozarks. A group that recently chartered a cruise with Captain Ron Ozarks Charters had fun in mind. We headed to Party Cove for an afternoon of swimming and adult beverages. Everyone had a great time and made many new friends.

Lake of the Ozarks Party Cove, Lake Ozarks Charters

Captain Ron Ozarks Charters Party Cove Charter, Lake Ozarks Charters

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